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SOOS Pet Products

In the fall of last year, groomer Dawn came across a line of pet fur care called Soos™ Dead Sea Spa Products.  The effects of this Canadian line of pet products are just short of miraculous! 

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Ez-Clean Bio-Enzyme Cleaning Product

Having dogs in our lives means having to deal with odors, stains, and messes on a regular basis.  There are literally hundreds of cleaning products and home remedies advertised to take care of these issues, but get this, Ez-Clean® really works! 

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Thirty Days of Thankfulness

Coming out of Thanksgiving and heading towards the first anniversary of Just Fur Kids Dog Daycare®, I’d like to express my thankfulness for the wonderful fur kids and fur parents that make the daycare possible. 

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The Importance of Pet First Aid

If you are a fur parent, pet first aid is really important to know.  

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New Groomer at Just Fur Kids Dog Daycare

Just Fur Kids Dog Daycare® proudly welcomes experienced groomer, Ms Dawn McCredie to the facility. 

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