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We are here to enrich the lives of fur kids through exercise, discipline and affection in a safe, social and positive environment.




Every fur kid needs grooming to stay healthy and happy, we have a large variety of services to suit your fur kid's needs.


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We are calm, assertive leaders committed to compassionately assisting and respectfully educating (C.A.R.E) fur parents.

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Just Fur Kids Dog Daycare® strives to provide the utmost quality care for your fur kid.  This is reflected in the processes that govern how our daycare is run. The safety and well being of each fur kid is top priority and the underlying reasons for everything we do.

Assessment Day/First Steps:

  1. Download a copy of our registration form and waiver and fill out as much as possible.
  2. Contact us to book your fur kid’s first day.  We ask that it be a full day in order to provide both us the opportunity to observe and interact with them as well as for your fur kid to take in the rest of the pack and the activities of daycare.
  3. Assemble your fur kid’s most current vaccination information to bring on first day.
  4. Ensure any fur kid older than 6 months of age has been spayed/neutered and have documentation proof.
  5. Ensure your fur kid has a current municipality license tag on his/her collar and leash.

Join the Pack

In order to provide proper integration and assessment, we accept only a limited number of new fur kids per day.  This is why advance reservations are particularly necessary.  Trial First Days are also typically done only on the quieter days of the week to give both fur kid and humans more time to get acquainted.

At the end of First Day, we will let you know how your fur kid did and if we feel our daycare would be beneficial and a good fit for them.  From there you can decide how you would like to proceed.

Other Good to Know Stuff:

  • If you wish to fill out the paperwork at drop off, please allow yourself about 20-30 minutes.
  • The primary registered owner of a fur kid is the only person who may sign off the registration and waiver.
  • The vaccinations we require are rabies and DAPP (distemper, hepatitus/adenovirus, parvovirus, parainfluenza).
  • Proof of flea/tick/lice protection is also required for all year round.
  • All fur kids must enter and leave the daycare on leash no matter how well behaved.
  • If you have any questions at any time before/during/after the process please call or email us.  We are here for you.

Our Daycare

The safety and well being of all fur kids, their parents, and our human pack members are top priority at Just Fur Kids Dog Daycare®.
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We have plenty of different passes to suit your specific needs. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns, or check out more information about our passes.
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We’ve put together a few frequently asked questions that should help. Please remember that you can contact us for any additional information. We would be glad to help.

Why are reservations important?

We require reservations in order to appropriately staff enough pack members to ensure the everyone is safe and able to have an enjoyable day.


How often do fur kids have to attend?

We prefer fur kids to come a minimum of twice a week to ensure forward, positive interaction. Anything less than twice a week can be like the first day of school over and over, which can be more stressful than beneficial for the fur kid.

Why don’t we use kennels?

Our facility does not use kennels because we feel fur kids in open play areas benefit from the social stimulation as well as learn to appropriately interact with one another in a fun, positive and respectable manner.


Do you let the fur kids outside for potty breaks?

We provide the fur kids a minimum of three opportunities to go outside and go potty…though if we notice a fur kid doing ‘the potty dance’ we never hesitate to bring them outside immediately.

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