Joining Our Human Pack

It takes much more than just love for fur kids to be one of our human pack leaders.  While definitely an asset, the safety and serenity of the day for both humans and canines requires and demands other key abilities.

All human members of the Just Fur Kids Dog Daycare® pack must firmly believe in and live by all of our Core Values.  We mean what we say, so be prepared to discuss them with us and give us your understanding of each.  You do not need to be fully versed in dog behavior and psychology, but must be willing to learn and follow through with correct and consistent execution.

The daily mental challenge of being present and coming from a place of calm and assertiveness is expected not only from the fur kids, but of the humans too.  Being able to maintain this leadership presence is key to the pack’s safety and serenity.  Additional to the mental demand is the physical requirement of being able to keep up with the activities of the fur kids.  Caregivers are constantly alert and on the go.  You must be fit enough to easily walk 5km in an hour daily and move a 50lb fur kid when the need arises.  Finally, none of us mind the poopy aspects of the job because we love what we do, and so must you.

Please print and bring in the completed form that’s linked below.


Human Pack Form (png)