IMG_5401 IMG_5396Just Fur Kids Dog Daycare® is located on the main floor of a two storey building constructed in 2012 in the beautiful ever expanding area of Eastlake Industrial Park.

As part of the City of Calgary’s vision for sustainable industrial parks, Eastlake was built with strict architectural controls that created an attractive scape of stylish structures and lush greenery.

The roads and wide walkways are well maintained as are the tree lined green spaces flanking them.  A large walk park is just a few blocks away.

Where We Are

Situated right on 106 Avenue SE between Barlow Trail and 52 Street, we are less than five minutes south of Quarry Park and five minutes north of the community of McKenzie Towne.

The Calgary Humane Society is directly three blocks south of us.

Our entrance is at the northeast corner of the building that we share with South Calgary Montessori Childcare and Solex Thermal Science.

To reach our designated client parking stalls, turn north off 106 Avenue at 47 Street and pull in directly behind the building.  The marked spaces are both to your immediate right and left.

Our Space

Our daycare and grooming occupy almost 3,000 square feet of mostly clear span, naturally lit, high ceiling space.  The play area consists of two pens, each over 1,000 square feet in size.

Natural daylight bathes in from large windows on the east and west walls, while fresh breezes waft in when one or both of the two large garage doors are opened.

Although the space provides expansive room for the fur kids to roam, strategically placed pony walls and gates are located throughout to ensure no fur kid ends up where they should not be.

All the surfaces inside the pens, including on the fur kid rest and play equipment are non-porous in nature.   This prevents bacteria from getting trapped and makes cleaning super effective.

Fur parents are welcome to watch the fur kids in action through the ‘paw’ window at the rear of the reception area.  Stay as long as you like…we don’t mind at all!

Witness the truly awe-inspiring sight of a roomful of fur kids, of varying breeds, sizes, and age, all interacting peacefully, happily & silently together.  Definitely a must see!
Grooming, is done in a separate room away from the bustle of the pens.  State of the art equipment ensures fur kids are pampered in the safest and most efficient manner.

The shiny smooth stainless steel surfaces, crisp linen colored walls, and polished concrete floors are all brightly lit to to maximize cleanliness and facilitate intricate styling work.