Just Fur Kids Dog Daycare® offers everything from basic a la carte services to Super Fluffs and Show Kid cuts for your canine fur kid.  Services pricing is wholly dependent on each fur kid’s condition of coat, their size/weight, their temperament, as well as their comfort level with the whole process.  All full grooms include ear cleaning, nail trim, and the tidying of the fur of the face, feet, and bum.  General price guidelines are below.


  • Independent groomer Ms. Dawn McCredie is available by appointment only.
  • Schedule via email to  or text her directly at (403)390-2251.  Due to her busy calendar, appointments cannot be made through the daycare.
  • The groomer does have the right to refuse/stop services should she feel that doing so could put herself and/or the fur kid in jeopardy.  This is sometimes the case with severely matted or geriatric fur kids and those with certain conditions and/or previous grooming history.

General Grooming Appointment Rules:

  • A detailed explanation of what will be done plus a price estimation can only be provided when the groomer handles the fur kid and assesses their coat.  Feel free to ask questions and ensure she is made aware of any special requests.
  • Fur kids do have to be of good general health and without any pre-existing conditions that may affect their grooming experience (ie: back issues, hip/leg injuries, pregnancy, recovery from surgery).  Grooming is a strenuous activity that requires fur kids to be able to comfortably stand for up to 2 or more hours, depending on the cut requested.
  • Fur kids with any known contagious conditions such as parasitic infestation and/or kennel cough must be made known to the groomer prior to the appointment as rescheduling will be necessary to prevent contamination to the other clients and the facility.  Written medical clearance is necessary prior to rebooking.  Any fur kid found to have a contagious condition after being dropped off will be contacted for immediate pick up and segregated.  No services will be performed and a fee may be charged.
  • Make known at the time of booking if your fur kid has had previous negative grooming experiences and/or difficulties being in an open area with other fur kids so that appropriate alternate arrangements can be made.
  • Removal of matted fur takes additional time, attention, and expense and therefore, is charged separately from the groom at an hourly rate.  The process can be uncomfortable and stressful to the fur kid and the groomer reserves the right to refuse to de-mat chronically neglected coats.
  • Grooming fur kids are held in a separate space from daycare before and after their appointments.  The space is limited and therefore please arrive right at your scheduled time and pick up immediately when their appointment is finished.  You will be given an approximate finish time at the time of drop off and you will receive a text twenty minutes prior to the completion of the appointment.
  • Fur kids who are not picked up in the hour window following their appointment will be charged an additional fee.  Grooming fur kids cannot be integrated with daycare fur kids due to separate scheduling and requirements.
  • A minimum of 24 hours advance notice is necessary for appointment cancellations and/or changes, especially for the high demand time slots and busy times of the year.  Lateness of more than 15 minutes past the scheduled time for a booking will require a new appointment.  Missed and/or late appointments disrupt the day’s schedule and will be subject to a fee.
  • Ensure that prior to arrival your fur kid has been given an opportunity to go potty so they are not anxious about that during their grooming.
  • All grooming fur kids are expected to abide by the Dog House Rules of Just Fur Kids Dog Daycare® as attached.

General Services Pricing:

Bath & Tidy- bath, blow dry, brush out, nail trim, ear clean, face/feet/bum trim

  • Smooth coated kids starts at $40
  • Single coated kids starts at $55
  • Double coated kids starts at $65

Teddy Bear- bath & tidy plus scissoring of entire body coat; starts at $70

Kennel Clip- bath & tidy plus short shave of entire body coat; starts at $65

Breed Trim- bath & tidy plus scissoring to breed standards; starts at $70

A la Carte-

  • Nail trim $15; with Dremel $18
  • Ear clean & flush $15
  • Ear plucking $12.50
  • Anal gland expulsion $16
  • Face trim $15
  • Pawdicure $25
  • Air brushing starts at $20
  • Colouring (permanent & semi-permanent) starts at $25