Who We Are

After arriving at a professional crossroads, the decision was made to leave the well paying position that had been two plus decades in the making to follow a dream.  With no human kids, and a lifelong love for dogs, the plan to spend the retirement nest egg on doing something to enrich the lives of fur kids became a reality.

EVELYN LOUIE – Chief Top Dog

Hello, I am Evelyn, leader of the pack, head pooper scooper, master videographer, and chief activities coordinator.  I am exactly as my personality assessment tests have always said- a completely even split left and right brain persona.  Being simultaneously logical and analytic as well as creative and intuitive has allowed me to have a thirty year career that has encompassed a wide gamut of work experiences spanning several industries.  Professionally, I am technologically savvy, mechanically proficient, academically inclined, and organizationally driven.  Blessed with the amazing fortune of being inspired and mentored by a half dozen very successful local entrepreneurs, I have developed a thorough understanding of the managerial, financial, marketing, and operational requirements of running a business.

Personally, I am artistic, nature loving, creative, and spiritual.  I find balance in life through travel, time spent with my dog, writing, inspirational reading, cooking, crafting, photography, and do it yourself home projects.  Seeing the beauty that is in nature, in animals, and in creating something with your own hands lets you appreciate life.  Being around fur kids, gives one a sense of simplicity and honesty that is both refreshing and heartwarming.  Having your own fur kids is a lesson in devotion and unconditional love.

While I have always had an infinity for dogs, I never felt their true impact on my life until 2002 and the arrival of my first Chow, Cristal Bear, or Stelly as he was known.  He was my first a lot of things- first dog belonging only to me, first purebred, first kid raised from birth, first really furry kid, first chronic illness kid, and first kid to pass in my arms.  He saw me through a very difficult time in my life and was there as my protector, my crying pillow, and my ray of sunshine.  I made a lot of mistakes with Stelly, but I also learned so much from him.  He was my heart dog and I have lived each day since to do right by him.  Stelly is the guardian angel and heart of the daycare from which there is always much love.


Boo Bear

Almost two years following the passing of Stelly, I looked for another Chow Chow because I love the breed.  Born in 2011 and hailing from the Detroit area, this cream coloured boy became the impetus for the daycare.  At the ripe age of four months, Boo began attending daycare daily as a proactive measure to keep the anti-social and domineering traits characteristic of his breed from prevailing.  Though still a very stubborn and independent boy, daycare has taught him to be sociable, and to not only respect, but enforce the rules of the pack.

Despite having a very laidback demeanor, Boo is clearly the fur leader of the pen.  Most days he is doing his impression of an IKEA™ rug sprawled on top of the jungle gym, but the other fur kids know he is paying attention.  He is, and has always been, the champion of the small and young fur kids.  He is also the fun police and the food police…if there is a toy and/or a tasty snack around, big fuzzy will be a running.

Officially, Boo is the chief spokesdog for all things to do with fur styling.  His double coat that continually malts with the Calgary climate makes him an appropriate authority on the topic.  His development of hypothyroidism in 2017 accompanied by massive hair loss (alopechia X) led to the search for and the learning about treatments and products for hair regrowth.

Boo may be the chief doggy diplomat, but he is also the primary rules and boundaries tester.  He challenges authority regularly and attempts to have things his way all the time.  His redeeming qualities are that he is adorable, super smart, and loving…when he wants to be.


This muscular Staffordshire pitbull terrier mix boy came into our lives originally as a paying attendee during the first month the daycare opened in 2015.  At that time, Ace was a recently adopted fur kid rescued from Ontario Animal Services.  From the sparse paperwork that came with him, it can only be inferred that the first three years of his life were not that stable nor positive.  Unfortunately, this did not end with his move to Calgary.  Due to incompatibility with the other members of the household of his adoptive family,  Ace was surrendered to Just Fur Kids Dog Daycare® less than a year later.

Though having a second dog and starting a new business was never part of the plan, Acey’s beguiling brown eyes spoiled that the first day he walked into the pen.  He was startlingly innocent, trusting, and sensitive.  Acey had a simple adoration for humans and was basically animal oblivious, other than for his brofur Boo.  He knew very little about life and was inexperienced with pretty much everything except for maybe sleeping and snuggling in bedding.  Acey spent many a days in the beginning sitting awkwardly, drooling, and peeing.

Our time together was far too short- only a little more than two years, before a brain tumor devastated our world.  In those two years though, Acey discovered the joys of being a dog and experienced a phenomenal life.  I may not have helped my baby heart conquer all of his struggles and issues, but we had unconditional love and trust.  These are the lasting gifts we gave each other.  I miss this sweet angel everyday.