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How did we choose the products to carry in our shop?

At Just Fur Kids Dog Daycare® we truly believe that our dogs are family.  They are our companions, best friends… our fur kids.

Health and safety are the keys to their longevity and happiness.  Proper nutrition gives our fur kids the energy to live fully, and leashes, collars, & tags keep them safe while they are doing so.  Shampoos, protectants, and cleaning spray enrich our fur kids’ lives.  All products carried are unique, of top quality, and from companies who put fur kid welfare as top priority.  Rest assured, every item has been given the full paws up by the Doggy Diplomats.  After all, if they don’t approve, it wouldn’t be fair to expect you to.

 Open Farm™:

This family run business based out of Toronto, Ontario has a simple motto- “do some good”.  Their goal is to offer quality nutritious pet food that is produced naturally, humanely, & responsibly, and with a positive impact on the environment.

To achieve this commitment, Open Farm™ partners only with suppliers who respect farm animal welfare, sustainability, and ethical farming practices.  This is enforced by having independent industry auditors like Ocean Wise™, Seafood Watch™, Global Animal Partnership™, and Humane Farm Animal Care™ certifying all the partners of their supply chain.  Open Farm™ is the first dry pet food supplier in America to be certified humane.  This means the farm animals are free to roam, do not eat in a competitive environment, are not fed animal byproducts, hormones, or antibiotics, and are transported & slaughtered following the strictest standards for humane & ethical treatment.  Finally, by typing in the lot code of any Open Farm™ product into their website page, you can see where every single ingredient of that product came from.  They are the only company in this industry with this kind of 100% transparency.

Open Farm™ is also the first pet food company to offer wet food in a recyclable Tetra Pak™.  This type of packaging is convenient in that it travels well (no can opener necessary), refrigerates well (tin cans shouldn’t go in the fridge), reseals easily (just refold the top), and is completely recyclable.  Their dry food bags are also recyclable- 95% of pet food bags are not.  This is done through a partnership with TerraCycle™, a company that upcycles them to create new products.

Most importantly though, the food is simply good for our fur kids.  There is no meat meal used ever, making all the protein 100% traceable.  All the meat is free of antibiotics and hormones, and all the fruits and vegetables are GMO free.  Every product is grain free- no corn, wheat, soy, or rice, and there are no artificial preservatives, colouring, or flavourings in anything.  Just Fur Kids Dog Daycare® is proud to showcase a line that works this hard to “Do Some Good”.

Drool Pawtisserie®:

Drool Pawtisserie® is also a family venture, but right out of our fair city, Calgary.  Company founder, Jennifer began baking out of a desire to provide her foster fur kids with dietary restrictions, healthy and beneficial snacks that were still yummy.  Her commitment to her fur kids, plus a change in personal circumstances, led to the creation of the business.

Today, Drool Pawtisserie® biscuits can be found in almost two dozen specialty pet businesses throughout Alberta.  Jennifer still hand cuts all the biscuits herself and her fur kids, Diesel and Raina are very vigilant as quality control inspectors.

The thin crsip biscuits are gluten free and made with no preservatives, additives or coloring.  In fact, the gingerbread biscuits with its six ingredients is the most complex recipe out of the five different varieties.  The ingredients are all human grade and the biscuits are tasty enough for even the fur parents!  The bacon and the rosemary beef biscuits are both meaty favourites while the gingerbread, the lemon lavender, and the Parmesan Reggiano ones keep the vegetarian fur kids happy.  The crisp dehydrated banana chips spritzed with coconut oil are popular with all the fur kids.

Drool Pawtisserie® also offers frozen mini muffins in bags of a bakers’ dozen.  They come in three delicious flavours- sweet potato, Parmesan & crab, and Breakfast (bacon & egg), and are great snacks whether eaten frozen during hot summer days or defrosted at any other time of the year.  Just Fur Kids Dog Daycare® carries all the biscuits in the larger, 100g packages, plus all three types of the mini muffins, and brings in special seasonal offerings for Halloween and Christmas.

Exeter Farms®:

It is just as important that chews be nutritionally sound in terms of how they are processed and what may or may not be added to them.  Exeter Farms® is a Canadian company producing chews out of Langley, British Columbia.  Their farms offer beef, goat, lamb, and rabbit chew products.

All their products are 100% natural- completely free of preservatives, antibiotics, hormones, or steroids.  Chews aid in keeping fur kids’ teeth clean and are a tasty way to satisfy their natural urge to chew.  The 12″ beef bully sticks are suitable for most medium to large fur kids and should be cut in half for smaller fur kids.  As with all chews, this should be a supervised activity, and only for short periods of time.  Depending on how voracious of a chewer your fur kid is, one 12″ bully stick can last several chew occasions.


Ubite® is another small Canadian company based out of British Columbia, and Just Fur Kids Dog Daycare® is proud to be its first Alberta retailer.  Ubite® produces single ingredient, freeze dried pet treats.

Freeze drying is a process where extreme cold temperature is used to remove almost all the water from meat.  Without the moisture, the degradation of the meat is virtually stopped, making it safe to handle, store, and transport for long periods of time.  More importantly, freeze drying preserves without affecting the nutritional value of the meat.  The original nutrients, taste, smell, color, and structure are not lost in the process, and with the re-introduction of water, freeze dried meat is easily reconstituted.

The same cannot be said for dehydration, which is the application of heat to preserve a product.  Not only do dehydrated products not readily reconstitute, the heat adversely affects the vitamin and mineral content of the item.  Regardless, both methods yield a pet treat that has a super long shelf life, is great for travel, and handles easily as a treat for training.

The two Ubite® flavours available at Just Fur Kids Dog Daycae® are beef liver and salmon.  The beef liver comes from grass fed Canadian cattle certified to be hormone free and the salmon is deboned and wild caught fresh from the Pacific Ocean.  Both are completely free of additives, preservatives, and colouring agents.  These small cubes are great as training treats and/or sprinkled over kibbles crumpled up or reconstituted as added nutrition.


Created out of need by a gentleman with a farm in central Alberta, Ez-Clean® is a miracle Canadian product.  It is a must for all households, especially those with fur kids and/or children because it eliminates all organically occurring stains and odors with just a spray.  As a bio-enzyme cleaner, it contains billions of live microbes that breakdown organic waste to completely eliminate, not just mask.  The cultures are grown in Quebec and are fully concentrated.  The effectiveness of this living product is only reduced if exposed to hot air or water temperatures for a prolonged period of time.  Ez-Clean® can be used as is in full strength, or diluted down to 1:64 for large and/or outdoor applications.

Organic stains and odors refer to naturally occurring things- so, marks left by meats/fruits/vegetables, plants/grass/dirt, sweat, blood, mold, and urine/feces.  Smells include those from cooking, smoke, mildew, body odor, and animal musk to name a few.  Given what the Ez-Clean® bio-enzymes attack, the household applications are limitless.  Spray it on items that cannot be easily washed, such as curtains, upholstery, mattresses, cushions, backpacks, dog beds/toys, and area rugs.  Use it to pre-treat stains on carpets, clothing, and towels as well as in their actual washings.

Spray Ez-Clean® to remove animal smells in barns, kennels/runs, and vehicles.  It eliminates human sweat odors from sports equipment, jerseys, and footwear.  Finally, it cleans, not just freshens, the air around garbage containers, washrooms, septic tanks, and yards.  As a naturally occurring product, it is safe to use on all surfaces including right on pets, around children, and directly on plants.  It also does not stain fabrics/materials.

Ez-Clean® bio-enzyme cleaner will virtually replace every chemical cleaner and deodorizer currently in your house.  It does not negatively impact the environment, is Canadian owned and manufactured, and value for your money because it is a concentrate.  You’ll want to get the largest size.

Soos Pet Products™:

Soos™ Pets is a Canadian line of natural shampoos and conditioners created in an effort to help an aging family fur kid with skin and coat issues.  The effectiveness and uniqueness of these products come from the fact that they are made with minerals, water, and mud from the Dead Sea.  The twenty six mineral composition in itself is unique, never mind that twelve of the minerals are found exclusively only in this body of water.

The Dead Sea has long been known for its healing and therapeutic properties, and people have historically journeyed from all over the world to submerge in its water and mud to find relief and cure for various ailments.  Not only does the combination of minerals like calcium, sodium, potassium, zinc, and magnesium draw out toxins and improve rheumatic conditions, they also have a calming. soothing effect and lock in moisture to nourish the skin.  Essential oils, vitamins, and various extracts are then added to enhance these curative properties.

The result is products that are professionally concentrated, suitable for humans but PH balanced for pets, and paraben & sulfate free.  All Soos™ Pet products coat hair from root to tip, locking in moisture to deeply hydrate and strengthen follicles.  While there are shampoos and conditioners specifically formulated for sensitive & allergic skin, and those with chronic skin conditions, the entire line is gentle, with natural fragrances, and soothing for most skin types.

Just Fur Kids Dog Daycare® carries two shampoos, three conditioners, and one 2 in 1.  Dilute the 500ml concentrates using a squeeze bottle for easy application to a ratio of 10:1.  Whether your fur kid is groomed professionally or not, he/she will benefit from a Soos™ Pet Products treatment.

Krafty Kanines®:

Still yet another local family business is the line of custom leashes and collars by Karli Ehnes of Krafty Kanines® based out of right here in Calgary, Alberta.  Just Fur Kids Dog Daycare® not only proudly uses the Krafty Kanines®  handheld leashes and the handsfree waistbelt leash system daily for taking the fur kids outside, we also showcase a selection of the custom collars and leashes for purchase.

If the colour, pattern, or style is not on hand, custom ones can be easily ordered.  These orders are typically ready in about a week’s time and are brought to the daycare for pickup.  A large variety of combinations are possible for both leashes and collars.  Standard handheld leashes are available in ¾ or 1 inch widths, at 4 or 6 foot lengths, in solid colours or trimmed with a fun pattern.  Handsfree waistbelts with detachable leads are a great option for multiple fur kid families, those who run with their fur kid, and/or those who just prefer not to hold a leash.  The waistbelts and leads can be mixed and matched, single coloured or patterned, and tailored to fit any waist.

Collars can be made with or without buckles and either as a standard flat collar or a martingale training collar.  Sizes range from extra small to large, and in either ¾ or 1 inch widths.   Karli makes every single item by hand using carefully sourced, high quality materials.  The colours and patterns are brought in in limited quantities and change throughout the year.


silidogSiliDog® is a small start-up company out of Florida belonging to a young college graduate who markets a patented silent pet tag that does not clink or clank when a fur kid moves about and/or scratches. Created out of the need to not hear the late night clinking of his rescue fur kid Bentley’s tags when he moved, rolled over and/or got a drink of water, these tags also have a social message.

For every tag sold, Michael donates a portion of the proceeds to one of four charities– cancer research & support, no kill animal shelters, fire & police service dogs, and emotional support service dogs for people, a personal cause for Michael.

The 100% silicone tags are fully malleable & durable, and both the engraving and colour have lifetime guarantees.  SiliDog® tags come in three shapes and seven different colours.  If you think you’ve seen this pawsome product before, maybe it was when Michael was on Shark Tank™ in the fall of 2017.

Clients purchase a gift card from Just Fur Kids Dog Daycare® for a tag and then use the information on it to email Michael to select the tag they would like as well as indicate what to engrave on its front and back.  The finished tag is then mailed directly to the recipient.  Tags can replace city license tags, rabies tags, identification tags, AND make terrific gifts.

Just Fur Kids Dog Daycare® also carries the daily basics for your fur kid.  We have poop bags, probiotics, antiseptic first aid spray by and natural insect repellent & moisturizing spray by