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Letting Go…When to Say Goodbye

This is a difficult topic and one that no fur parent ever wants to think about.  But saying goodbye is a part of life, and there were never truer words about this than the refrain from the eighties Straight Lines® rock ballad: “the hardest part of love is letting go”.

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Packwalking- Is It As Easy As It Looks?

Packwalking looks like the simplest thing in the world- just taking a group of fur kids out for a stroll.  Is it really as easy as it looks?

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SOOS Pet Products

In the fall of last year, groomer Dawn came across a line of pet fur care called Soos™ Dead Sea Spa Products.  The effects of this Canadian line of pet products are just short of miraculous! 

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Crate Training Your Fur Kid

Having your fur kid crate trained is one of the best things you can do for them.  There are so many reasons why having your fur kid in a crate is beneficial, for both them and you. 

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What Exactly is Calm Assertive Leadership Anyways?

Calm assertive leadership is a term dog guru, Cesar Millan made popular to describe the effective relationship to have with your dog. 

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